Urine Test for Alcohol

When the police request a urine sample during a DUI investigation, it is usually because they want to test for the presence of drugs rather than alcohol. Urine testing is actually the least accurate chemical test for blood alcohol concentration, but there are some instances where the police will use a urine test to test for alcohol. Because urine testing is covered under the Ohio Implied Consent law, you can have your license suspended if you refuse to submit to the test.

Urine samples are usually obtained after a certified DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) performs a DRE exam and has a reasonable suspicion that the suspect is driving under the influence of drugs. Urine testing is currently considered to be the most reliable way of testing for the presence of drugs. An officer must have a DRE certification in order to perform a DRE exam, but the federal government is increasing their funding of these programs to create more Drug Recognition Experts than ever.

If you have been arrested with a DUI in Ohio and are asked to provide a urine sample, ask to speak to an attorney first. The choice of whether to submit to the urine test will still be yours, but our qualified legal experts can help you make an informed decision.

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