Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes carry life long consequences not seen in other categories of crimes.  With sex offender registration laws in every state, and limitations on what types of jobs you can perform, as well as where you can and cannot live, a sex crime charge is among the most serious charge you can face.  Columbus, OH sex crimes lawyer Peter J. Binning knows how to defend against sex crime charges.  Contact him today for a free and confidential case review.

Sex crimes generally include any crime committed with the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification.  The most common sex offenses in Ohio include:

  • – Rape
  • – Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor
  • – Child pornography
  • – Internet sex crimes – including solicitation of a minor through the internet
  • – Child molestation
  • – Voyeurism
  • – Prostitution
  • – Procuring – commonly thought of as pimping another to commit prostitution
  • – And more

Although many people believe that DNA evidence is the holy grail of sex crime prosecutions, it is not as widely used as television shows would have you believe.  Many sex crime victims do not report the crimes against them until long after any physical evidence has been lost or destroyed.  Thus, most of these cases boil down to the reliability of the witnesses.

People charged with sex crimes often feel embarrassed or shamed that they have been charged with such crimes.  Even the accusation can cause you to lose your family, your job, your housing, and much more.  It is important for you to understand that we do not judge you based on an accusation against you.  A criminal charge is merely an accusation.  It does not mean you are guilty, or that you have anything to hide or be ashamed about. When you contact our office you will be treated with dignity and respect.

Do not let a sex crime accusation ruin your life. Contact Columbus, OH sex crimes lawyer Peter J. Binning right now for a free, confidential case evaluation.  He will explain the most common defenses to these cases and guide you in the step-by-step things you need to do to protect yourself against these charges.  Contact him right now!