Bond Reduction in Ohio

Many criminal charges have standard bond amounts set by a judge.  If you are arrested you will be asked to post this standard bond amount before being released from jail.  These standard bond amounts are typically based on the court system’s experience with people who have faced charges like what you face now.  Columbus criminal attorney Peter J. Binning is experienced and knowledgable about Columbus, OH bond reductions, and can help you get your bond reduced in many cases.

Because the judge does not know you or many of the facts surrounding your case they only look at a few factors when they initially set a bond amount.  This may result in a bond being set with excessive restrictions on your freedoms, or in an amount too high for you to afford.  In these cases Columbus criminal attorney Peter J. Binning can file a motion and go to court to argue for a lower bond amount for you or your loved one.

Peter has handled many bond reduction motions and hearings, and knows what is required to give the court the peace of mind that you will make your required court appearances, and will not be a threat to the safety of the community or any witnesses against you.

Extraordinarily high bonds can be unconstitutional in some cases, and may require further litigation if the court will not reduce the bond to a reasonable level.  Judges must consider a number of factors in granting a bond reduction in Ohio request.  Peter will present the information that addresses these factors for you in a way to ease any fears the court may have that you pose a danger to a witness, the community, or will not appear on your required court dates.

Do not let an extraordinarily high bond keep your friend or loved one from being a productive member of society and of your family.  Contact Columbus criminal attorney Peter J. Binning right now and ask him to help you get a bond reduction in Ohio courts.