Factual Defenses

The Ohio law may govern your criminal case, but it is facts that determine the outcome. Any decent attorney knows that it is unwise to build a defense on a single fact; rather, they will use the myriad facts available to them. Similarly, juries do not consider one single fact when reaching their verdict, but how all the facts fit together. Even if they did, each juror would consider a different fact to focus on. Columbus DUI defense attorney Peter Binning knows how to combine his knowledge of the law with the facts of your case to build the best defense for you.

The surest way of ensuring a win is to provide your Columbus DUI defense attorney with all of the facts and details of your case for careful evaluation. Some defenses are only useful if certain facts are true, so it is crucial for your attorney to have all the facts before they can select a defense. For example, if your defense attorney wants to argue self defense, he or she will consider the respective sizes and ages of the two individuals, whether there was a history of threats or bullying, and many other factors.

When you are charged with any criminal crime, including a DUI, it is vital that you are able to communicate your version of events to your Columbus DUI defense attorney. Some attorneys will even ask for a written report of everything you can remember about the events leading up to, and including, the incident in question. However, before writing this report, you should ask your attorney. In some rare cases, the prosecution is able to read your notes when preparing their case against you.

If you have been charged with a criminal crime in Columbus, OH, call our offices immediately for your free consultation. Evidence, especially factual evidence, starts to immediately degenerate after a crime has occurred. Physical evidence deteriorates, witnesses move, and facts are forgotten. Call today!