White Collar Crime Lawyer

White collar crimes are non-violent crimes committed through the course of your business.  Nearly all white collar crimes involve allegations of fraud or corruption.  The FBI has jurisdiction to investigate most white collar crimes since they often involve dealings across state lines, or require the use of various financial institutions.  If you are under investigation for any of these crimes contact Columbus, OH white collar crimes lawyer Peter J. Binning right now for a free, confidential case evaluation!

White collar crime charges reportedly costs the United States more than $300 billion each year.  The FBI and many state police agencies have dedicated white collar crime investigators that may be investigating you months or even years before you are even aware of the investigation.  If you or someone you know has been contacted by any law enforcement agency asking about your business dealings, it is likely you are under investigation for a white collar crime.  You need to contact us right now so we can either head off a full-blown investigation or begin preparing your defense.

The most common white collar crimes in Ohio include:

  • – Antitrust violations
  • – Computer or internet fraud
  • – Credit card fraud
  • – Bankruptcy fraud
  • – Insurance fraud
  • – Insider trading
  • – Embezzlement
  • – Economic espionage or trade secret theft
  • – Money laundering
  • – Phone or telemarketing fraud
  • – Mail fraud
  • – Tax evasion
  • – And many more…

When you are under investigation the police will likely subpoena your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media account information, your email accounts, your Internet Service Provider records, banking records, and much more.  Some of these companies will notify you of the subpoena, but most cooperate fully with law enforcement without ever letting you know they are giving your private data over to the government.

Deleting email messages or posting on social media sites will not erase the data permanently.  Most companies such as Facebook and Gmail will save the data on servers around the world and can still collect that data long after you thought it was deleted.

The range of punishment for white collar crimes varies depending on the type of crime committed, the amount of financial loss suffered by the victim, and whether you have any assets the government can confiscate and sell to repay the victims.

If you or someone you know are under investigation for, or have been arrested for a white collar crime contact Columbus, OH white collar criminal defense lawyer Peter J. Binning right now.  The government has superior capabilities of gaining access to information in these cases, and it is critical to the outcome of your case that a thorough and detailed defense investigation begin as soon as possible.  Contact us right now!