Out of State Licenses

Just because you are not an Ohio resident does not mean you are exempt from having your license suspended. Columbus, OH DUI lawyer Peter Binning has seen the hassle that can arise from having your license suspended in a different state from where you live. If your license is suspended in Ohio, but your driver’s license was issued by a different state, you may lose your driving privileges in both states.

Although the US Constitution requires that all states recognize the validity of every other state’s driver’s license, they do not have to recognize the validity of every other state’s license suspension. There are still a few states that will not acknowledge the license suspension of other states. For example, if you are arrested for a DUI in Ohio, but you reside in California, the state of Ohio will suspend your license and report you to the judicial system in California. California will usually not suspend your California driver’s license. Thus, you will still be able to drive in California, but not in Ohio. You may also lose your driving privileges in other states as well.

It is more likely that your home state will recognize the Ohio license suspension and you will lose your license in your home state as well. This means that you will have to face the reinstatement and court fees in both states, as well as any other requirements the courts set forth (alcohol education classes, community service, etc.). Some states will accept classes taken in another state, but this is not always the case, and is something you should discuss with your OH DUI attorney.

Columbus DUI lawyer Peter Binning will meet with you to go over the unique facts of your history and advise you on whether you face a license suspension in your home state or not. Even if your home state will not acknowledge the Ohio license suspension, you will still have to fight the Ohio charges. Call Columbus, OH DUI lawyer Peter Binning today for a free consultation.