Drunk Driving Defenses

Building a defense in your OH DUI case requires a scrupulous review of the evidence and facts. Defending DUI cases calls for a unique skill set involving knowledge of technology and the law. Only a highly trained and knowledgeable Columbus DUI lawyer like Peter Binning can evaluate lab and police reports for inconsistencies while navigating the changing legal landscape.

The prosecution of DUI cases across the country has only gotten more aggressive, but DUI defense strategies have risen to the challenge. A society of DUI defense attorneys has banded together to implement national seminars on the science and laws of DUI cases and how to defend their clients. Columbus DUI lawyer Peter Binning has been trained in blood/breath/urine testing, Drug Recognition Exams (DRE), Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST), and more.

One of the more quickly growing programs the government is using to combat drunk driving is No Refusal Weekends. This program allows the police to quickly and easily obtain a warrant for a blood sample should you refuse to submit to a breath test. They believe they can get you to plead guilty and give up your right to an attorney by forcing you to submit to a blood test.

But what they won’t tell you is that there are still plenty of ways that a skilled Columbus DUI lawyer can fight the results of a BAC test. Blood and breath tests for alcohol are not nearly as accurate as the police would have you believe. For instance, most people would think that blood is being tested during a “blood test,” but it is the air pocket between your blood and the test tube’s stopper that is actually being tested.

Choosing the best DUI defense for your case is a complicated matter that requires a full knowledge of the law and thorough examination of the facts. Columbus DUI lawyer Peter Binning has attended numerous seminars on BAC testing and has the experience you can trust to win your case. A failed BAC test does not have to spell out a conviction. Call our offices today so we can start building a defense for you!