Felony Level Prison Time Maximum Fine
F1 (First Degree) 3 to 11 $20,000
F2 2 to 8 $15,000
F3 12 to 60 Months**
9 to 36 Months
F4 6 to 18 Months $5,000
F5 6 to `12 Months $2,500

** For certain high level F3 crimes


Misdemeanor Level Jail Time Maximum Fine
M1 (First Degree) Up to 180 Days $1,000
M2 Up to 90 days $750
M3 Up to 60 days $500
M4 Up to 30 days $250
MM (Minor Misdemeanor) None $150

The maximum penalties proscribed in Ohio’s criminal code are reserved for the worst offenders.  Do not think after reading these that you are facing the maximum penalties.  There are many factors that a Judge takes into consideration when determining an appropriate sentence including but not limited to; the accused’s prior record, the status of the victim, the recommendation by the prosecution and mitigating factors in the defendant’s life.  These examples are just the tip of the iceberg.  To determine what you are facing you need to speak to a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney.  If you would like for our office to help you determine what your sentence might be, simply contact us through this website or by calling 614-224-1979 for a free consultation with experienced Ohio defense attorney Peter Binning today.