Expungement – Clearing Your Record

There were significant changes made to the Ohio expungement law that came into effect in 2012.  Previously, only first offenders were allowed to have their cases expunged.  Now even certain repeat offenders can have their criminal histories expunged in Ohio.  Columbus criminal defense lawyer Peter J. Binning is well qualified to handle your Ohio expungement, and provide free, confidential case reviews for Ohio expungement cases.

Essentially you are eligible to apply for an expungement if you have one felony conviction or less, have two misdemeanor convictions if they do not arise from the same offense, and have no more than one felony and one misdemeanor conviction.

There are some convictions that cannot ever be expunged, including a DUI in Ohio, driving while suspended, sex offenses, and most violent offenses.  In fact, these offenses will prevent the expungement of any otherwise eligible offenses as well.

If your conviction was for a misdemeanor crime you must wait one year from the date you finished serving any punishment for that conviction.  If your conviction was for a felony you must wait three years after completing any punishment for the conviction.  Completing the punishment includes both any terms of probation or parole, imprisonment, and the payment of fines, court costs and fees associated with the conviction.

If you are eligible for an Ohio expungement it is usually worth getting your conviction expunged.  Convictions are public records, and many employers, creditors, and apartment complexes will search your criminal history before extending you an offer of employment, credit, or residency.

You should be represented by a qualified Columbus criminal defense lawyer before seeking an expungement.  Although the law allows the expungement of prior convictions, it does not require the expungement.  Whether a conviction is expunged is ultimately left within the discretion of the judge.

When you call Columbus criminal defense lawyer Peter J. Binning he will help you determine whether you are eligible for an Ohio expungement, whether the crimes you were convicted of are eligible under Ohio law, and whether sufficient time has passed since your case was completed for the expungement to occur.  Contact us right now for a free, confidential case review.