Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney

Peter Binning is dedicated to helping you understand the charges you face and tailoring your defense to meet your needs and expectations. We serve Franklin County, Delaware County, Fairfield County, Licking County, Madison County, Pickaway County, and Union County, OH. When you contact our office we will treat you with dignity and help you understand what you can expect when facing a criminal charge or DUI in Ohio.

Dedicating his practice as a criminal defense attorney, Peter approaches each case with the diligence and tenacity that has guided his practice from the start. He talks through your case with you to understand your side of the events that led to your arrest, and investigates deeper to help expose the best defenses to your charges.

All Columbus criminal cases have elements that the State must prove in order to find you guilty. If the State cannot prove every single element of your case the case should be dismissed, or you should be found not guilty. Challenging those elements through creative and skilled interrogation and investigation is what makes Peter a successful Columbus criminal defense attorney.

When you are facing a criminal investigation it is important to remember that the police and other authorities are not neutral investigators. They are the enforcement branch of the government. It is their job to try and find evidence that will be used to convict you. The U.S. Supreme Court has said that the police are permitted to lie to you in order to gain evidence against you. However, it is a crime for you to lie to the police. If you can, contact our office before you ever decide talk to the police. We can guide you through whether you should cooperate, and if so, to what extent.  In most cases we can be right next to you if you choose to.

Just because a specific crime is not listed on this site does not mean we cannot help you. We only included the most common charges that people face in Columbus, OH. Our office can help you with any criminal matter you may be facing.  If you don’t see your charge listed on this site, please contact us so we may discuss your charges further and explain to you wxactly what you are facing. Our first consultation is absolutely free.  Many criminal convictions and DUI convictions have lifetime consequences. Never agree to plead guilty to any charge without first contacting our office for a free case review. Once you understand the consequences of pleading guilty as well as your options in defending yourself against the charges you face, you are in a better position to make an informed decision about your future.

Columbus criminal defense attorney Peter Binning wants to help people charged with a DUI in Ohio, or any other criminal case. He has the training and experience to help you make the best decisions about your case, and to represent you before both criminal and administrative courts and hearings. Contact him now for a free, confidential case evaluation.